Two Left Feet Dance Center
"A Fun & Friendly Place To Social Dance"

194 Diablo Rd. Danville, Ca 94526
( 925 ) 831-8111

March 2019 Schedule
Updated March 3, 2018  ... Check Back Often For Updates

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All classes Are Drop In And You Don't Need To Bring A partner.
Dress Is Casual And Smooth Sole Shoes Recommended.


& Lessons


West Coast Swing
3 Levels
Beg. Basics
& Intermediate

Jason Wayne Teaching The Intermediate WC Swing Class

Daytime Ballroom


Argentine Tango


Beginner Ballroom

Level 2/Inter. Ballroom/Latin

Hustle Basics

Romantic Night Club Two Step

Country Line & Pattern Dances

Country Two Step
Craig Johnson &
Joan Lundah

Tea Dance Every Other Friday

West Coast
Late Night Dancing
Special Guest Instructors
Special Junior & Full Time Student Rates

Various Classes For Beg. & Inter. Plus Various Workshops

We Have 3 Rooms For Classes.
You Will Be Directed To The Proper Room When You Arrive.

Schedule Subject To Changes & Updates,
Check Back Regularly For Updates.

    Ballroom/Latin With Bill & Joallyn

      2:00-3:00pm  5 week series Level 2 Cha Cha
3:00-4:00pm  4 week series Beg. Foxtrot (no foxtrot 3/31) (New Beginners Start Here)
      3:00-4:00pm  5 week series. Inter. Viennese Waltz
      4:00-5:00pm .. Tea Dance, Ballroom/Latin Variety Dancing.
                              $5.00 for dance only, free, if you took the class.

         (4 week series) $54.00 per person or $97.00 per couple.             (5 week series) $67.00 per person or $121.00 per couple.
         Drop In $15.00 per person or $27.00 per couple, for each class and/or workshop
    Mondays   West Coast Swing

     7:30-9:00 Beg. Basics West Coast Swing ... $12.00 or $20.00 for 2 People  (New Beginners Start Here)   
       With Stephanie

      7:30-9:00 ... Pre-Intermediate (What you need to learn before you are ready for Intermediate classes)
      With Randy $12.00 or $20.00 for 2 People
      7:30-9:00 Intermediate With  Jason Wayne ( $15.00 starting in March)

 Tuesdays    Daytime Ballroom Classes with Blankenship
$7.00 Per Person        For more information contact Bill Blankenship
2:00-3:30pm  Bolero
     Tuesdays   Salsa/Argentine Tango
 Salsa    with Jeff
8:00-9:30pm  (New Beginners Start Here)
      Beg. Basics, Followed By Level 2 & Intermediate Moves.  ... Only $12.00

     Argentine Tango with Mat MaMoody  $12.00 for one or both classes.
      7:30-8:30pm Beg.  (New Beginners Start Here)
      8:30-9:30pm Inter.
      9:30-11:30pm Practica/Dancing 5.00 (Free, if you took the classes)
    Wednesdays    Ballroom & Bachata
    Beginner Ballroom    With Joallyn Bohn  (New Beginners Start Here)
     7:30-8:15 Beg. Tango (Amer. Style) - $10.00
     Ballroom/Latin    With Joallyn Bohn

     8:15-9:15 Level 2/Inter. East Coast Swing - $15.00
Bachata    With Jeff    (New Beginners Start Here)
7:45-9:15 Beg. Basics, Followed By Level 2 & Intermediate Moves.  ... Only $12.00

    Hustle   With Randy
New Times
    7:30-8:15   Hustle Intro. To The Basics only $5.00 per person drop in.
                      Some dance experience is recommended.
    8:15-9:00   Easy Inter. Hustle only $10.00 per person drop in. You may come early to help with the Beg.

    Night Club Two Step/Line Dances/Country Two Step

      Line Dances   With Trish Hughes
      Previous weeks dances are reviewed after the new lesson is taught.
      Schedule of line dances are as follows:
        Mar. 7 "Special Beginner Night"
 Mar.     7 ... 7:30-8:30pm "Uptown Funk & Cruisin'" St. Patrick's Party, Wear Green!
 Mar.   14 ... 7:30-8:30pm "Coastin'"
      Mar.   21 ... 7:30-8:30pm "The Cowboy"
Mar.   23 ... Special Saturday Classes 7:00-9:00pm Please Go To Saturday March 23 Schedule.
      Mar.   28 ... 7:30-8:30pm "Zydeco Lady"
      Previous Weeks Line Dances Are Always Reviewed At 8:30pm

      Romantic Night Club Two Step   With Randy & Stephanie
Night Club Two Step is a smooth, romantic, waltz like dance. Great for Weddings.
7:30-8:30 Beginners $12.00 or $20.00 for 2 people (New Beginners Start Here)
      8:30-9:30 Level 2 & Intermediate $10.00

      Country Two Step With
Craig Johnson & Joan Lundahl
$18.00 for both classes or $13.00 for one.
7:30-8:30pm Beg./Level 2  (New Beginners Start Here)
       8:30-9:30pm Intermediate Country Two Step
 Friday Tea Dances Every Other Friday
   with Blankenship
Friday Mar. 1 & 15
1:00-3:30pm ... Just Ballroom Dancing No Classes.
     For more information contact Bill Blankenship
West Coast Swing Every Week
    Late Night Party!


    Every Friday                                                                                           
   Beginner & Pre-Intermediate West Coast Swing Classes
   8:00-9:00pm               New beginners start here                                                       

Friday Intermediate Lessons
With Guest Instructors, See Below For Details

   Friday March 1

     Edwin Li, Stephanie & Randy

7:00-8:00pm Turns & Spins with Randy
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves. with Edwin & Stephanie
$20.00 for both classes or $13.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

March  8
Parker Dearborn & Melissa Rutz

    7:00-8:00pm Inter. WC Swing "Let's Swing"
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing "Let's Connect"
$25.00 for both classes or $20.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

March  15
     Brady Rogers, Stephanie & Randy

7:00-8:00pm West Coast Swing "Anchor Variations" with Randy
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves with Brady & Stephanie
$20.00 for both classes or $13.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

March  22
     Jason & Yvonne Wayne
    7:00-8:00pm Inter. WC Swing "3D Swing"
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves.
     Fri. March 22  Open WC Swing Jack & Jill Contest.
    Chance To Win Passes To "City Of Angels"

$20.00 for both classes or $15.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

March  29
     Glenn & Sue Cravalho

    7:00-8:00pm Inter. "Country Two Steppin' "
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. " Swingin' "
$20.00 for both classes or $13.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

    Late Night Dancing Every Friday 9:00pm-1:00am,
    $12.00 For Dance Only Starting At 9:00pm 
Jr./Students Only $7.00 for dance only
Saturdays Listed Below By The Date
     Saturday  March 2  West Coast Swing  NEW DANCE
        "Next Generation Swing Dance Club Monthly Dance"
Featuring Yenni Setiawan

(This Dance is run by the Next Gen. Please Go to their website for details & prices. That
         means you cannot use Two Left Feet passes or Gift Cert.)

Lessons Beg. & Inter.

        8:00-Midnight West Coast Swing Dancing
     Saturday March 9  Ballroom/Variety Dance
        "March Movie Madness Dance"
Wear You Favorite Formal Or Semi Formal Red Carpet Attire
        Lesson Beg./Level 2

        7:00-8:00pm "Waltz" (New Beginners Start Here)
                 $15.00 For the entire evening
        Ballroom/Variety Dance 8:00-Midnight
     Saturday  March 16
Closed For Private Party

     Saturday March  23   Country & West Coast Swing Night
           Special Workshops With Craig Johnson & Joan Lundahl

        7:00-8:00pm Inter. Night Club "shape To Move"
        8:00-9:00pm Inter. "Turn It Up" Country Two Step
            $20.00 for both workshops or $15.00 for one.

           Beginning Country Two Step
        8:00-9:00pm   $10.00  (New Beginners Start Here)
9:00pm-Midnight County/Swing Dance $12.00 For Dance Only.

................... Line & Partner Dances ..............................
           With Trish Hughes
        7:00-8:00pm "123 Waltz" (both singles & couples)
                       and "Wild Wild West" (both line & contra style)
        8:00-9:00pm "Horseshoe" (both singles & couples)

        9:00-11:30pm Open Dancing, we play requests, if we have it.
     Saturday March  30  
        This was updated March 3