Two Left Feet Dance Center
"A Fun & Friendly Place To Social Dance"

194 Diablo Rd. Danville, Ca 94526
( 925 ) 831-8111

January 2020 Schedule
Updated January 14, 2020 ... Check Back Often For Updates

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All classes Are Drop In

85% Of Our Students Are Singles, So You Don't Need To Bring A partner.
Dress Is Casual And Smooth Sole Shoes Recommended.


& Lessons


West Coast Swing
3 Levels
Beg. Basics
& Intermediate

Jason Wayne Teaching The Intermediate WC Swing Class

Daytime Ballroom


Argentine Tango


Beginner Ballroom

Level 2/Inter. Ballroom/Latin

Country Line & Pattern Dances

Country Two Step
Craig Johnson &
Joan Lundah

East Coast Swing/Jitterbug

Tea Dance Every Other Friday

West Coast
Late Night Dancing
Special Guest Instructors
Special Junior & Full Time Student Rates

Various Classes For Beg. & Inter. Plus Various Workshops

We Have 3 Rooms For Classes.
You Will Be Directed To The Proper Room When You Arrive.

Schedule Subject To Changes & Updates,
Check Back Regularly For Updates.

    Ballroom/Latin With Bill & Joallyn

      2:00-3:00pm  4 week series Level 2 Cha Cha
3:00-4:00pm  4 week series Beg. Foxtrot (New Beginners Start Here)
      3:00-4:00pm  4 week series. Inter. Viennese Waltz  No Inter. V. Waltz Jan. 5
      4:00-5:00pm .. Tea Dance, Ballroom/Latin Variety Dancing.
                              $5.00 for dance only, free, if you took the class.
         (3 week series) $40.00 per person or $72.00 per couple.
         (4 week series) $54.00 per person or $97.00 per couple.
         (5 week series) $67.00 per person or $121.00 per couple.
         Drop In $15.00 per person or $27.00 per couple, for each class and/or workshop
    Mondays   West Coast Swing
     7:30-9:00 Beg. Basics West Coast Swing ... $13.00 new price (New Beginners Start Here)   
       With Stephanie

      7:30-9:00 ... Pre-Intermediate (What you need to learn before you are ready for Intermediate classes)
      With Randy $13.00 new price
      7:30-9:00 Intermediate/Adv. With  Jason Wayne   $15.00

 Tuesdays    Daytime Ballroom Classes with Blankenship
$7.00 Per Person        For more information contact Bill Blankenship
2:00-3:30pm Beg./Level 2  Foxtrot
     Tuesdays   Salsa/Argentine Tango
 Salsa    with Jeff 
      8:15-9:00pm Beg.  (New Beginners Start Here)
      9:00-9:45pm Inter.
     Argentine Tango with Mat MaMoody
$12.00 for one or both classes, includes Milonga
      7:30-8:30pm Beg.  (New Beginners Start Here)
      8:30-9:30pm Inter.
      9:30-11:30pm Practica/Dancing $5.00 (Free, if you took the classes)
    Wednesdays    Ballroom & Bachata
     Closed Jan. 1, 2020

Beginner Ballroom    With Joallyn Bohn  (New Beginners Start Here)
     7:30-8:15 Beg. Tango (Amer. Style)   $10.00
     Ballroom/Latin    With Joallyn Bohn

     8:15-9:15 Level 2/Inter. East Coast Swing  $15.00

Bachata    With Jeff    (New Beginners Start Here)
      8:30-9:15pm Beg.  (New Beginners Start Here)
      9:15-10:00pm Inter.

     Country Two Step/Night Club Two Step/Line Dances
       Country Two Step With Craig Johnson & Joan Lundahl
No Country Two Step Class Jan. 2 & Jan 30
$15.00 for one class or $20.00 for both. new price
7:30-8:30pm Beg./Level 2  (New Beginners Start Here)
       8:30-9:30pm Intermediate Country Two Step
      Line Dances   With Trish Hughes
      Previous weeks dances are reviewed after the new lesson is taught.
      Schedule of line dances are as follows:
           Jan.   2 No Lessons Tonight

           Jan.   9
  Special Beginner Night!
      7:30pm Lesson "Watermelon Crawl" & Lonely Drum"
Jan.  16
      7:30pm Lesson "Grand Daddy Long Legs"
           Jan.  23
      7:30pm Lesson "If We Never Met"
           Jan.  30
      7:30pm Lesson "Teacher's Choice"
                     Bring your list of review and requests! We will do as many as we can!

Requests played after lessons


      NEW BEGINNER CLASS ... Highly Recommended For First Time Beginners
       East Coast Swing/Jitterbug  ...  Easy & Fun!
7:30-9:00pm Beg. Plus Some Easy Moves (New Beginners Start Here)
 Friday Tea Dances Every Other Friday
   with Blankenship
Friday Jan3 & 17
1:00-3:30pm ... Just Ballroom Dancing No Classes.
     For more information contact Bill Blankenship
West Coast Swing Every Week
    Late Night Party!
    Every Friday                                                                                           
   8:00-9:00pm Beg. West Coast Swing
13.00  New beginners start here
   8:00-9:00pm  Pre-Inter. West Coast Swing Classes   13.00                                                                                              

Friday Intermediate Lessons
With Guest Instructors, See Below For Details

   Friday Jan. 3

     Will Hughes & Stephanie

    7:00-8:00pm  "Simple But Fun"
    8:00-9:00pm More Fun Moves
    $20.00 for both classes or $15.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.
    Friday  Jan. 10
     Jason Wayne
    7:00-8:00pm "Killer Whips"
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves.
    $20.00 for both classes or $15.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

Friday  Jan. 17
     Glenn & Sue Cravalho

    7:00-8:00pm Inter. Country Two Step
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves
$20.00 for both classes or $15.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.
PLUS $100.00 Country Two Step Jack & Jill Contest!

Jan. 24
     Yvonne Wayne
    7:00-8:00pm Inter. WC Swing "Hijack & How To Deal With It"
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing Moves
    $20.00 for both classes or $15.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

Jan. 31
     Demetre Souliotes
    7:00-8:00pm Inter. WC Swing "Build, Flow, Connect, Anchor, Stretch & Go"
    8:00-9:00pm Inter. WC Swing More Fabulous Moves.

    $25.00 for both classes or $20.00 for one.  (Includes The Dance)
    $12.00 For The Dance Only.

    Late Night Dancing Every Friday 9:00pm-1:00am,
    $12.00 For Dance Only Starting At 9:00pm 
Jr./Students Only $7.00 for dance only
Saturdays Listed Below By The Date
     Saturday  January  4
       Next Generation Swing Dance Club's Monthly Dance
        Featuring Michelle Kinkaid
7:00-8:00pm Beg. & Inter. WC Swing Lessons
            8:00pn-Midnight WC Swing Dance.   Please see the Next Gen Website for prices & details.

     Saturday January 11  Ballroom/Variety Dance
        "New Year's Speakeasy Dance"

7:00-8:00pm Beg./Level 2 Tango (Amer. Style)
        8:00-11:30pm Ballroom/Variety Dance   $15.00 For The Entire Evening
      Saturday January 18    For The Brand New Beginners
        7:00-8:30pm Beg. Basic Rumba $12.00
         7:00-8:30pm Beg. Basic Waltz  $12.00

     Saturday January 25     West Coast Swing Crash Courses
        7:00-8:30pm Beg. Basics Review $12.00
         7:00-8:30pm Pre Inter. Extended Patterns  $12.00