Wedding Dances

Make your first dance something special

Learning Your First Dance

Learning Your First Dance

Please plan early, 3 months ahead is highly recommended.

We can help you design a simple but elegant “1st dance”.

This is accomplished with a few private lessons, which are scheduled by appointment only. You will need to call us at (925) 831-8111, to arrange the appointments. You will need to bring your song, or songs, (if you have several songs, we can help you decide)

We recommend at least 4 lessons to accomplish a beautiful dance that your friends and guests can enjoy watching, plus it will create a very memorable video for you to have forever.

We also recommend that you start at least 3 months in advance of the wedding date. You don’t want to be burdened, at the last minute, trying to put something together, you need time to make adjustments, if needed.

Father, Daughter & Mother, Son Dances

These dances are usually not as elaborate & usually shorter, but we have had requests for these to be more than normal. Remember the more you want the more time you need to learn & prepare.


Parents, wedding party & others wanting some dance lessons to prepare for the wedding.

There various other dances that you or your wedding party my want to learn. Sometimes the parents just want to be able to dance a various functions. We can provide small group lessons as well. Call for rates and appointments. (925) 831-8111

We are limited on when & where we can do these lessons. If you have space available at your home, we can accommodate  you much easier.


The private rates are $77.00 per hour for one couple or an individual. If you purchase a package of 4 lessons the cost is $70.00 per hour, total $280.00. You may add on additional lessons at $70.00 each. We accept cash, check or Zelle,

For small groups or semi-private lessons call for rates.(925)831-8111

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